Installation Instructions

Step-by-step instructions specific to the ’82-85 Celica/Supra:

Tools needed:
Flat-head screwdriver.
Phillips-head screwdriver.
Needle-nose pliers.
RTV and or Epoxy.
Carb-cleaner or alcohol. (beer doesn’t count, vodka does though)
Patience (know you’re saving yourself a tranny pull and reinstall)

Step one, pull all your interior stuff.
(Curse twice for the engineer who decided to put the shifter under the console, radio surround, and temp controls. Asshole could have just put it under the console only.)
—A: Console has two screws in front, two in back, and two in the little compartment bottom, just move it back an inch or so, no need to unplug and remove.
—B: Pull the temp control knobs off (tug straight back, wrap with a shop towel and pull with pliers if needed) and three screws in it’s face let it free.
—C: Pull your ashtray and you’ll have six screws in the radio surround, it comes back and you unplug one connector. D: Two screws on the sides of the big plastic piece and it’ll come free, up and over once the shiftknob’s off (shift to third for easiest removal).
—D: Pull up the little rubber flappy at all four corners and pull the screws out, same for the four in the shifter itself, make sure you’re back in neutral and pull the whole bastard outa’ there. TADA! Look down in there and here’s a better shot of what you’re working with.

Step two, removing the bullshit.
–A: In the picture above, you see what this sucker’s made of. Ring of metal, ring of rubber, ring of metal (MIGHT have remenants of a plastic ring too, but probably not). The plastic ring may be sitting down in the middle of it, or partially attached, pull it out if so. He’s the fucker responsible for your sloppy shifter, throw it on the floor and spit on it.
–B: One ring of metal (preferrably the inner one), has got to go. Looks bad, easy to do. Using a Flat-head screwdriver, pry out the metal ring a bit. Once you’ve got enough bite, use your needle-nose pliers and apply inward pressure while you work the metal ring away from the rubber wall a bit at a time until it comes free. Throw it on the floor and spit on it. Look here for an image of it…

–C: Now comes the fun part, pulling that rubber bastard out of there. …you do it the same way as the metal ring, but it takes more tact. Working the flathead up and down going around a little at a time, while applying pressure with the needle-nose pliers works best. You’ll need to check down in there and make sure you got all the chunks and hunks out and you’re set! Look here for an image of it…

Out you bastards!

Step three, installing the bronze bushing.
—A: Before you get all adhesive-happy, test fit that sucker a few times. Get your method down pat. You may or may not be able to drop it straight in between the pins depending on wear, lean it forwards and catch one of the pins at one of the notches. Do it a few times without hitting the sides of the aluminum piece. Now clean those suckers up REAL good with carb clean or alcohol on a rag. See image below for pic of it installed.

—B: Now, I used a good dose of epoxy around the barrel down in the tranny (JBweld works best from my experience) I then mirrored this on the bushing itself. …being extra careful, I dropped it in, and smoothed the excess JBweld around the edges, I then put some weight on the top of the bushing so that it set flush. Beer time! *does a dance*
—C: Put the little button bushing on your shifter and the Marlin Crawler seat bushing in the top section (press it in vertically and match the notches to the pegs, and rotate flat in there. (Some go in tighter than others, if terribly difficult, you can sand down the outer diameter slightly) Mmmmm success. I’d give it 24hrs to dry and solidify, give it a good check over and reinstall everything.

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