W58bushings.com – The Kit


Toss your Celica/Supra/Cressida/etc W58 shifter into third gear, now wiggle your shifter side to side.  If you’ve got more than 1/4″ of travel you most likely suffer from a worn shift socket (every w58 I’ve ever seen has had it).  No problem you say?  You’ll just replace the bushings? Negatory, that only replaces the shift seat and knuckle bushings.  Replacing the socket shouldn’t be much harder, right?  Ready to cough up over $175 for the parts and pull/split the transmission to fix it?  …nah, me either.  This option allows you to do it all from the shifter hole to great result.  I slammed gears on my 7m-’84 Supra race car with this kit installed, the precision and solid feel assure I never miss a shift.  I wake up, “snick” my ’85 CelicaGTS into gear, and roll out along my daily duties, without the wobble ever-present on the stock shifter and no noticeable increased vibration or noise.  The shift feel on this kit eclipses anything you’ve ever felt in these cars, I promise.

This shift bushing kit is a drop-in option for repairing the worn shift socket within the transmission (#3) WITHOUT dropping and splitting the transmission (and paying Toyota ~$120 for the part).  The kit also comes with a new shifter knuckle bushing (#2) and an upgraded delrin seat bushing (#1) to finish up the set.  I guarantee this to be the best shifter feel and the positive feedback is constantly ROLLING in…  Don’t be left wondering if you’re shifting into second or fourth, fix it right, fix it once, and enjoy it!