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We’ve been making and shipping bushings for years to over 500 happy w58 customers.

While the site is new, the product is not. We have previously sold primarily through car-forums:

Does it fit all w58’s? No, none with external shift linkages (sc300/jza80).
Do you make the bronze bit? Each and every one, hand turned and tested.
Are those MC delrin bits? Yep, why mess with perfection?

Please leave any feedback (positive or negative) below so I can better provide great service to those purchasing these shift bushing kits. Thanks!

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12 thoughts on “About / Feedback

  1. Installed one of the two kits I purchased and man what a difference! After missing a 1 to 2 shift a couple weeks back, I instantly got online and ordered two kits. Will be ordering one more after seeing the results and running this kit in all three of my supras. Thanks for the great product!

    1. So glad to hear you are enjoying the improvement. At the time that I developed the kit way-back-when I had three MA6x and two RA6x with w58’s so you won’t be the first person to have a fleet of them, haha!

  2. Just put this kit in yesterday. Drove it for the first time today. And WOW!! There is little to no play in shifter. My only question is, are the lever bushings, the one that snaps onto the bottom of shifter assembly, the same size as the OEM. In case I ever need to replace it.

    1. Yes sir – the knuckle bushing is an OEM Toyota piece, but I’ve had a couple of these kits disassembled after 100k and didn’t find any discernible wear, so you should be set!

  3. I expected an improvement but nothing like this! Installing was easy besides the damn rubber ring. After tightening it all up and going through the gears I was blown away. This is quite possibly my favorite mod I’ve ever done to my supra. Feels like a brand new car without all the play. Thank you so very dearly for offering this kit!

  4. i just ordered mine i hope it is as good as everyone says because i can put my shifter in any gear and it has so much play you think that its in neutral…. literally people have stopped and wiggled it and stalled out…. cant wait to get it and install it i hope its easy for a new car person

    1. just got it in the mail this morning and it was a pain to get the old one out but if i would have had the right tools it would have made it easier but it is better than brand new thank you so much for fixing my daily driver no more guessing what gear im in.

      1. It was not very hard at all just some give it time don’t rush and when you finally let the epoxy set and everything is put together it is more sturdy than when the car was new ( also just go ahead and change your trans fluid while you have it off) but it was worth double what i payed for it, thank you

  5. I used this kit to replace bushing on my 77 Celica that was swapped with 22RE&W58.

    …and Holy shit. This kit is a huge improvement.

    There was no bushing left in my trans, now it has it. It’s tight and now I know what gear I’m in.

    This kit is amazing, The best $40 I ever spent on my Celica so far.

    Also fast shipping was amazing! I live in WA and it arrived in 2 days. I usually expect like 2-3 months delay from garage kit(I meant this website doesn’t sell anything than this kit, so it must be…?) but man, this is so satisfying!

  6. Not sure what I was expecting out of the mouse. The only thing I could say is: wow. Previously, my wobble was pretty bad. It was driveable, but being in gear just felt like being in neutral. After changing the bushings, it feels super smooth now!

    I think something you understate is the time it takes to do the swap. Getting the original bushing out without dropping the trans from the car is a brutally long and tiring process, but it is definitely worth it.

    Thank you so much for this great set!

  7. Absolutely awesome kit! Easy install through the sifter hole and incredible difference. Hardly any play what so ever. Would recommend 100%

  8. Holy mother of pearl. I expected an improvement but this is, literally, 1000 fold better than it’s been. Two think I’ve been driving on such a worn shifter for 3 years now… You’re a saint, man. Thank you so much. I’ve made a short before/after video and posted it to my youtube channel. I will do everything I can to get the word out. http://youtu.be/Qoi6D26pNsk

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